Technical SEO

The way your website is built will make a huge difference to how well you rank, it can even stop you ranking or get you penalised if it's not done properly.

The best approach is to build your website with SEO in mind but this doesn't mean lots of extra work for the developer. If you've got a live website, an SEO audit can provide you with a list of actionable tasks that can be made to the CMS or back end code.

Small changes like updating page titles, optimising on-site content and changing the way your site pages link to one another can have a notable impact without requiring lots of development time. The list of small changes can be almost endless but a good SEO can give you a clear priority list.

There are larger projects that websites need to consider like:

  • Information architecture – this means how search engines like Google look at the structure of your website. Google needs to be able to see how people navigate around your website and make sure content is easy to find;
  • Facet navigation – it's common for e-Commerce sites to have lots of selection options to filter through products. Sometimes these options can build the URL out making it hard for Google to find them all or even creating duplicate content problems.

We have extensive experience working on websites that haven't had any link building or creative SEO for years, which have seen phenomenal increases in traffic purely down to strategic on-site changes

If your site just needs a quick health check or help with on-going development, we would be happy to help!

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