Creative SEO

Creative SEO means creating unique, well presented content that your customers are going to find valuable. This does not mean churning out infographics and expecting links to appear overnight! Good quality content is one of the most important things Google wants to see if you want to rank well. We can help you understand what content would be invaluable to your customers and how to present it in the best way possible to search engines. We can work with your own designers or we can use one of our talented designers to help create content.

Creative content is one of the ways SEO has evolved the most and is the best way to earn ethical and sustainable links.

In the olden days (2008), people would write short articles of gibberish and push them out through spammy syndication platforms and these would get hundreds of low quality links back. It didn't take Google all that long to spot these and update the algorithm to penalise websites that did this. These methods worked at the time but they weren't future proof. We will only ever recommend strategies in line with Google's Quality Rater Guidelines.

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