What is content marketing?

Content marketing can mean different things to different people but we believe it means creating engaging content that people will remember and associate with your brand.

There's a phrased banded about in the world of organic internet marketing; content is king!

It's a common phrase because content is something Google puts a lot of emphasis on. The Google Quality Rater Guidelines is a very long document that lists what Google looks for in content and how it defines good quality. The table below shows some of the more important parts.

Google Search Console performance report
Search quality rater guidelines: Summary
YMYL Extra care is needed on pages that directly impact someone's finances or their life, i.e.: insurance, legal and commerce.
EAT - Expertise, Authoritative, Trustworthy All content must have EAT value; adding unique data you own is a great way to prove validity.
Know & know simple queries Answer common questions as quickly and simply as possible, additional content is just backup.
Dated and updated Google needs to see content is fresh and kept up to date.
Supplementary content Google needs to see you're doing more than just hosting content.
And the rest Well designed pages, sites built with SEO and UX in mind, well optimised meta data, images etc.

A well designed content strategy can do lots of things, it can:

  • Improve the health of your onsite SEO;
  • Help encourage natural organic backlinks which are another core part of Google's algorithm;
  • Increase your brand awareness across various online channels like paid or social.

But most importantly, it can get your brand in front of your next new customer!

We have a wealth of experience in creating content strategies that thrive online. Whether you just want help coming up with ideas or you need someone to take over the whole production, we'd love to have a chat!

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